Memorial Day 2020

Due to current COVID restrictions, Post 150 will not be hosting a public Memorial Day ceremony this year. We will conduct a private wreath laying, and afterwards a short video of that ceremony will be posted here on our Post website and on Facebook at “American Legion Post 150”.

On Memorial Day this year, please remember our country's brave defenders who have given “the last full measure of devotion” for our country, for our Constitution, and for our way of life. We cannot gather together to honor our fallen, but we will honor them all the more in our hearts. The cancellation of our public ceremony does not stop us from joining in spirit to honor those who died in service to our great nation. These challenging times do not diminish our gratitude for what they did, for making the ultimate sacrifice.

So, on this Memorial Day 2020, Post 150 honors all fallen service members, each one of whom gave a priceless gift to defend our freedom. Thank you. We salute you.

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